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Kahvaltı / Breakfast

Yedi Tepe Mezeleri / Seven Hills Appetizers

Salatalar / Salads

Istanbul Culinary Favourites

Geleneksel / Ottoman Traditions

Güveç / Clay Pots

Izgara / Seven Hills Charcoal

Taş Fırın / Stone Oven Bakery

Patates / Deep-Fried Potatoes

Çocuklara Özel / Kids Specials

Tatlılar / Native Desserts

İçecekler / Beverages


Breakfast menu coming soon!

Humus 9.5
Oriental falvoured chickpea puree with grilled pastırma - served warm

Acılı Ezme / Hot And Spicy Paste 9.0
A variety of chillies combined with exotic spices

Mütebbel / Smoky Eggplant 9.5
Smoked eggplant mixed with creamy garlic yoghurt topped with ground pistachio

Lebni / Herbs and Cucumber 9.0
Brunoised cucumber and dill sprinkled on a dollop of creamy yoghurt

Közlenmiş Sebze / Flamed Vegetables 10.9
A blend of roasted vegetables served with olive oil and pomegranate dressing

Barbunya Pilaki / Borlotti Beans 9.0
Beans and carrots gently braised with olive oil and tomatoes

Boran-i Hassa / Spinach and Rhubarb 9.5
Sautéed spinach and onions served with rhubarb yoghurt cream

Seven Meze Platter (min. 2pax) 16.5
A mixture of Seven Hills appetizers served with Turkish bread

Çoban Salatası / Shepherd's Salad 9.5
Sliced vegetables amongst cheese and olives dressed with balsamic reduction

Piyaz / White Beans Salad 9.5
Cannellini beans with crispy onion and poached egg with classic vinaigrette

Bahçe Salatası / Garden Salad 9.0
A mixture of fresh garden greens prepared with a delightful dressing

Soğan Salatası / Onion Salad 8.0
Thinly sliced onion accompanied by tomato and dusted with sumac

Izgara Sebze Salatası / Roasted Vegetable Salad 12.0
Selected roasted vegetables marinated with basil pesto and haloumi cheese

Balık / Catch of the Day (Daily Market Price)
Whatever is biting! Ask the friendly staff for today's selection fish dishes could be cooked and prepared to suit your taste buds

Çorba / Soup of the Day (Entre 8.5 / Main 10.9)

Ciğer Tava / Pan Fried Ox Liver 19.5
Seasoned Ox Liver, fried and served amongst crispy onion salad with your choice of rice, chips or mashed potato

İçli Köfte / Kibbi 18.0
Mouth-watering Bulgur completed with spiced sautéed lean beef OR spiced vegetables served with garden salad

Mantı / Dumpling 18.5
Individually hand-shaped pasta filled with Meat or Vegetable and served with choice of one of the bases below:
Traditional Garlic Yoghurt,
Tomato Base,
Tom Yam,
Creamy Mushroom

Hünkar Beğendi 24.9
Slow cooked Lamb goulash served on a bed of pureed smoky eggplant and garden salad

Kuzu İnciği 24.9
Braised Lamb Shanks

İzmir Köfte 22.9
Oven baked spicy Köfte cooked with seasonal vegetables

Mahmudiye 23.9
Chicken marinated with honey lemon herbs and cooked in coconut cream thru exotic dried fruits and nuts

Mutancana 24.9
Lamb fillet cooked in rich tomato and herb sauce with the addition of spices, raisins and figs

All meals are served with rice, apart from Hünkar Beğendi

Clay pots cooked in oven with authenic reipes to suit every taste bud.

These meals will be served with rice and your choice of Cream or Tomato base

Seafood Güveç 26.5

Chicken Güveç 23.5

Vegetarian Güveç 22.5

Lamb Güveç 24.5

Kuzu Şiş 24.5
Marinated lamb fillet with Shepherd's salad

Tavuk Şiş 22.5
Chicken thigh fillet with fresh garden salad

Kanat 20.5
Cajun spiced chicken wings with fresh garden salad

Köfte 21.5
The famous İnegöl köfte with piyaz salad

Balık Şiş 26.5
Sword fish, seasonal vegetables, fresh garden salad

Sebzeli Şiş 21.0
Garlic, marinated seasonal vegetables, Sheperd's salad

Karışık 27.0
Assorted charcoal meal platter with onion salad

İstanbul Izgara (min. 2pax) 50.0
Chef's creative mixture with salads and meze extras

Served with your choice of mash potato, chips OR rice

Garlic and herb bread 7.9

Sadrazam Pide 17.5
Thinly sliced Pastırma mixed with cheese and egg

Saray Pide 17.5
Seven spice fruit mince carefully mixed with cheese and diced lamb

Sultan Pide 17.5
Seven Hills special sauce combined with cheese and lamb

Beyoğlu Pide 19.5
Assorted seafood blended with Bosphorus sauce, finished with cheese and capers

Üsküdar Pide 17.5
A combination of cheeses and fresh herbs, drizzled with a distinct flavoured sauce

Topkapı Pide 17.5
Seasonal vegetables combined with cheese and tomato based sauce

Gluten free pide base available - add $3 to the prices above

Seasoned Chips 10.0
Golden brown chips seasoned with our own blend of spices, served with mayonnaise and tomato sauce

Potato Wedges 11.0
Chunky hot wedges served with sweet chilli and sour cream

Chicken Nugget 12.0

Tempura Fish Fillet 12.0

Grilled Köfte 12.0

All kids meals above come with tomato sauce plus mayonnaise and your choice of crispy chips, mashed potato OR rice.

Spaghetti Bolognese 12.0
Spaghetti served with lean beef tomato base sauce and natural yoghurt

Fırın Sütlaç 11.5
Traditionally baked village rice pudding

Kabak Tatlısı 11.5
Delightfully sliced pumpkin with mascarpone cheese and walnut crush

Aşüre 11.5
Sweet 'n Spicy Noah's pudding

İrmik Helvası 10.5
Warm semolina halva with ice cream

Kaymaklı İncir Tatlısı 9.0
Braised fig served with double cream and blanched almonds

Cheese Cake 11.5
Golden horn baked cheese cake

Ice Cream Platter 11.5
A trio of homemade ice cream in unique flavours

Sıcak İçecekler / Hot Beverages

Traditionally brewed Turkish tea (Glass 2.5 / Pot 8.5)
Tea varieties (Cup 4.0)
Apple, Rosehip, Linden, Jasmine, Green Tea,
Camomile, Earl Grey, Mint, and Mixed Fruit

Hot Chocolate 5.0
Chai Latte 5.0
Salep 5.0

Asya Pasifik / Asia Pacific

Traditional Turkish Coffee 4.5

Short black 3.6
Long black 4.0

Cappucino 4.0
Flat white 4.0
Café late 4.0
Macchiato 3.6
Mocha 4.8
Affogato 4.0

Also available in de-caffeinated with skim, lactose free or soy milk - please inform staff for special health requirements.

Soğuk İçecekler / Cold Beverages

  Glass Jug
Soft Drink Varieties 3.5 12.0
Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite,
Sunkist, Solo, 7-Up, Mountain Dew
Fruit Juice Varieties 4.0 14.0
Organic Orange, Apple, Sour Cherry,
Peach, Pomegranate, Apricot
Sparkling Mineral Water 3.5  
Şalgam 3.5 12.0
A Turkish beverage made from pickled turnips
Ayran 3.5 12.0
A Traditional Turkish Yoghurt Drink

Buzlu İçecekler / Iced Beverages

Ice Tea Varieties (Glass 4.0 / Jug 14.0)
Lemon, Peach, Mango
Icy Frappe 7.0
Strawberry, Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate, Banana
Iced Coffee 7.5
Icy Chocolate 7.5
Thickshake 7.5
Strawberry, Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate, Banana